About Me

I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in 2023 from Yale University. Though I started college as an English major, I much preferred my science classes. I fell in love with Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, switching my major and taking as many classes as I could in the department. I developed a passion for animal behavior. I seek to understand the cues that prompt changes in behavior. How might this plasticity affect the fitness of an individual, or the evolutionary trajectory of a species?

I’ve been an amateur photographer for the last six years. I began doing some portrait photography work in 2019, booking senior portrait sessions for recent graduates. In 2021, I began a year-long tenure as the photographer for the Yale Precision Marching Band, documenting rehearsals and games for social media and accompanying them for approximately ten hours each week. I completed my first photography series in 2023, taking portraits of my EEB colleagues and their lab spaces.  Most recently, I served as a photojournalist for the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology’s 2024 meeting.

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